Official: Feds Should Look At E-cigs On Planes – Yahoo News

E-Cigs Regulated Same as Cigarettes in Cabell County

He said it could have been far more serious had a baggage handler not smelled smoke, located the smoldering bag and extinguished it before the plane took off. “If that airplane had taxied out and got airborne it might have been a very different story,” Freni said Friday. E-cigarettes, which turn a liquid nicotine solution into a vapor, are typically powered by lithium-ion batteries. They are considered personal devices under U.S. aviation rules and are treated like other battery-powered devices, such as laptop computers, cellphones and cameras.

Unfortunately that is not the case, and yes there is confusion, and I hope this will satisfy that yes it is a tobacco product, yes it does fall under the code. According to Tweel, using an e-cig in Cabell County is the same as smoking a regular cigarette, so they do not work as an alternative in a place you cant already smoke. In Putnam and Kanawha counties, there are no regulations on electronic cigarettes. The use of them is left up to individual business owners. asked people in Cabell County what they thought about the regulations, and we got mixed reviews.
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