29 State Attorneys General Ask Fda To Strengthen E-cig Regulations

U of R Researchers Awarded Grant to Study E-Cigarettes – Time Warner Cable News

The FDA had attempted to do so in the past, but that plan was thwarted in court. The latest attempt to regulate the industry came in April. A public visite site comment period to its proposed regulation ends on Friday. The Wall Street Journal reports that the call from the AGs comes just as the popularity of e-cigarettes is growing.
read full: http://www.gpb.org/news/2014/08/08/29-state-attorneys-general-ask-fda-to-strengthen-e-cig-regulations

“There has been very limited research done. A lot of the research suggests there are adverse effects from e-cigarettes. We just don’t know how those effects compare to traditional cigarettes. And that comes to the point of the funding that we’re receiving,” said Dr. Mariani.
read full: http://rochester.twcnews.com/content/news/759388/u-of-r-researchers-awarded-grant-to-study-e-cigarettes/


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