Reynolds, Altria Lead Smokers Toward Tobacco’s New Era – Yahoo Finance

More doctors recommending electronic cigarettes to their patients – National Cancer Institute

NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center logo

“The catalyst is e-cigarettes and vapor. Consumption of vapor products, which include e-cigarettes and vapor tanks-mods, or VTMs, will surpass consumption of combustible cigarettes in the next decade, Herzog said in a report. Altria’s subsidiary Nu Mark began its national expansion of its MarkTen e-cigarette in June and is “achieving strong distribution,” said Altria CEO Marty Barrington in a press release. R.J. Reynolds launched its VUSE digital vapor cigarette nationally in June.

Click here to read the full press release. ### Among the research institutions NCI funds across the United States, it currently designates 68 as Cancer Centers. Largely based in research universities, these facilities are home to many of the NCI-supported scientists who conduct a wide range of intense, laboratory research into cancers origins and development.
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Poison Control Centers See Rise in Calls Related to E-Cigarettes

“Most of the ingestions are in very young children. These are children who walk around and and may find a nicotine cartridge and drink it,” says Dr. Joshua King, Medical Toxicology Fellow at the Blue Ridge Poison Center.


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