Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Electronic Cigarettes International Group VIP® Brand Opens Ireland’s First Dedicated E-Cigarette Store at Dublin Airport – Yahoo Finance

They believe that e cigs are better than cigarettes and thats good enough for them. Unfortunately, some companies are not using the best-quality ingredients. Consumers should insist on knowing. Relative Safety of E Cigs There is a good side to e cigs, especially if you look for the better-quality juice, its ingredients fully disclosed.
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The opening of a kiosk in the Dublin Airport is part of ECIGs and VIPs initiative to locate Retail Stores and Retail Merchandising Units within high consumer traffic locations, including airport and train transit venues as well as other key locations where smokers are looking for alternatives to vape anytime anyplace. For the more than 1 billion smokers worldwide, the ability to purchase e-cigarettes and refills at convenient locations such as airports and other high traffic areas compliments sales at traditional retailers and helps build brand awareness. These outlets are staffed by VIP associates that help educate smokers and provide individualized assistance to them in choosing a smoking alternative. The one to one attention is particularly effective for long-term smokers that are unaware of the benefits of electronic cigarettes or how to use them and which products to choose.


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