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 How naive to think things could be what they seem – (please pardon the cynicism) – heck there wasn’t mention of flavors, e-liquid or nicotine strengths.No axing of online sales (not officially at any rate) and as the responsible majority hoped to see the issue of age-restriction is tackled head on. Brands and Vapers alike don’t want children to be exposed to e-cigarettes, most of whom restricted under-age sales already through their own initiative. The FDA doesn’t want children exposed to the stuff, and no one can argue with that. So that elephant has been kicked out view of the room, sadly it seems to serve more a distracting role than simply a positive one.
Visit below for details and content source:. http://www.scoop.it/t/ecigarettes-1/p/4020753793/2014/05/05/jim-oliver-google-this-is-super-serious-stuff-for-all-ecig-users-and-vapers

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Citation source and original website can be seen at the following address:. http://www.scoop.it/t/ecigarettes-1/p/4020811686/2014/05/05/is-vaping-doomed-after-all-with-images-smokeless


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