No Minor Issue Over E-cigs – Central Okanagan News –

E-Cigs Have Gained Yet Another Powerful Enemy

Kendall completely agrees with Brett and feels the e-cigarettes are not safe for kids. The issue is if kids get used to these e-cigarettes and are using them to puff away with pumpkin flavours or toffee flavours or chocolate or whatever, they can also very easily get nicotine to put in the devices, said Kendall. So what you have is kids that have gotten used to ‘vaping’ the devices and it is very easy to switch to a nicotine containing product and I don’t think we need to run the risk of encouraging or letting or permitting nicotine addiction in young people. Gary Scott Holub, Media Relations Officer for the Public Health Agency of Canada says that electronic cigarettes with no nicotine and no health claims can be legally sold in Canada and are subject to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA).

FDA decision helps Many of the CDC’s concerns around the use of e-cigs have their root causes in the glamorization of smoking, especially for kids. Fortunately, the FDA has recently moved to http://null address these concerns. The FDA wants rules introduced that will ban sales to minors and the provision of free samples, and require nicotine addiction warnings. The FDA is making this move because of claims that the use of bright colors, TV advertisements, and music festival sponsorships have been designed to attract youth, who doubled their use of e-cigs in 2012 from prior years. Data for 2013 is not yet available.
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